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In 2014-2016 I went back to school to get my Masters of Education and I put 100% of my time and focus into school, which is not a bad thing (I am a teacher of course), but I let it be the reason for unhealthy/quick food choices and little to no involvement in physical activity. When I finished my Masters in February 2016 I was the heaviest I had ever been and I knew that I needed to take all of that time, money and effort I had spent on my education for the last two years and put it into myself! I would drive by Melkshake Movementz or see their videos on Facebook and I always thought “that is the type of gym that I would want to be a part of”, so I met with Mel on March 1, 2016 and we came up with plan. I started personal training with Mel and Levon, set goals and got help in truly understanding meal planning and prepping. The first goal that I had set for myself was to do up an airplane seatbelt (without an extender) on my trip to NY that summer. I had never worked so hard in my life. I was going to the gym one, two or even three times a day to meet my goal. I was eating clean and my health was my top priority. My friends and family supported and encouraged me along the way because they could see how passionate I was about the gym. That passion came from the love, laughs and positivity engrained in MM and the MM family that made it easy for me to make such a huge commitment. They never gave up on me, always pushed me to my limits and made me want to keep going every day! Now all of this support and drive, doesn’t mean it was easy. It became an inside joke that when I trained from 4 to 5 after work, at 4:45 every training session I would burst into tears. Literally, I would start crying and Mel wouldn’t even need to check the clock, must be 4:45. I was pushing my body and mind to places it had never been before and if I was on my own that would’ve been the time I would just pack up and head home. Mel and Levon knew my goals and were with me every step of the way, they go above and beyond as trainers. They care so much about the family they have created at MM and every time I pushed through that 4:45 breakdown, I could see and feel how proud they were of me. I met my goal in the summer and at 2 am on my flight to NY, Mel and Levon were the first people that I wanted to text as I clicked that seatbelt together. I am still a long ways from my end goals but I feel so confident and sure of myself as I continue on my weight loss journey. Mel and Levon have helped me set new goals and refocus my training so that those will be achieved at the end of this year #weddingdressbody. I know from the deepest part of myself that this is my new life. Mel and Levon gave me back the power to have any life that I want and to reach any goal that I want. I know that with their help I can and I will be successful. I know that they will never let me get too busy, fall off track, or disappear and go back to the size I was. That unhealthy version of myself is gone, forever. That is a powerful thought for someone who has struggled with weight their whole life, that no matter what, from this day forward I will just get stronger, more fit and reach even more goals. A “thank you” seems so incomplete and trivial when you try to show your appreciation to people like Mel, Levon and the Melkshake Movementz family that they have built, but it is all I have to give back…oh and my #gainz, you guys can check those out too."
Stefanie Betker
#TeamElite #MMFAM


Here'z What Our Melkshakerz Think Of Uz!

My battle of the bulge journey has been a rollercoaster ride since the birth of my daughter 12 years ago. I’m sure I’ve tried every diet, pill & shake known to man. I felt like I was loosing the same 10 lbs over and over again. Start a new diet, forget everything you’ve just learned in your last diet, loose 10 pounds, gain it all back then start the process all over again with something new.
When I started going to Melkshake Movementz I had one thing on my mind…get the number on the scale to go down so I combined it with yet another fad diet. In my mind I was thinking how can I go wrong I’m working out and I’m drinking shakes so in a month I should be skinny, RIGHT?….WRONG. I felt miserable, I looked the same however I was getting stronger but I was discouraged that another diet plan has let me down.
So I gave up the expensive shakes (it was like a small car payment) and just kept plugging away at the gym trying to figure out what to try next. I seen that the gym offered nutritional guidance so I signed up and instantly my mind was blown. I wasn’t eating nearly enough food to fuel my body or my workouts let alone to get my metabolism going. The thought of almost doubling my food intake everyday did have me on edge… how was I going to do this and still loose weight? Everything I learned over the last 12 years about dieting didn't apply anymore. All I had to do was eat good food that fuelled my body. So I did and the weight started to come off….interesting!!!
Levon approached me on day at the gym and said that he thought I would benefit from personal training… I have been doing the classes for a while and my eating was in check and I wanted to get my body to the next level so I went for it. At first I thought OMG I’m in the Dungeon and I don’t know how to use any of this equipment but that feeling didn't last long, the guidance and help was there for me every step of the way. It was one of the best decision I’ve ever made, my body became stronger, leaner and I’m HAPPY!!! What took me 12 years of trying to achieve my own the team at Melkshake helped me reach my goals in 6 months. In that time I’ve learned not to rely on the scale but to use it as a tool, nourish my body and it will repay me, weights won't make you bulky but they will make me feel sexy and strong. My husband was so impressed with my results he came on board.

 "It takes determination, perseverance, a whole lot of sweat, and a few tears to set goals and reach them. And once in awhile, you get to a point that you can look back and actually be proud of your progress. This is one of those moments. Through hours of training, properly fueling my body, and being determined, I'm finally proud of my progress. I'll never stop wanting to improve, but I'm loving where this journey is taking me. I would have never gotten anywhere near this without my awesome trainers Melanie Olearczyk, Levon, and all the staff at Melkshake Movementz. Constantly making me push my limits, and believing in me no matter what! #MMFAM #NOEXCUSEZ"

-Laurie Griffiths #MMFAM

This place isn't just a gym, it's a family and everyone leans on each other for guidance and support. Whether your having a bad day or a fantastic day they are there to help you push through. I now have new goals and I know I can reach them with the help of Mel, Levon, and the rest of their team. 

                                       --Crystal Coughlin


"It is hard to put into words what Melkshake Movementz has done to change my life, but I am going to try to do it in a million words or less. I have been overweight my entire life and I have struggled with yo-yo dieting, losing and then gaining pounds for as long as I can remember. I tried other gyms and other weight loss programs, so many that I could’ve bought an island somewhere and I could write a bestseller about what you should be doing to lose weight and keep it off. But “nothing” seemed to stick. I would literally hit a point in my weight loss journey where I was stuck, it got too hard or I got too busy and I would just slowly disappear from the gym or program. All the hard work that I had done would be gone and before I knew it, I would be back to where I started or even heavier and even more depressed about my weight. 

"Come for the sweat, stay for the family. Melkshake Movementz is the only gym I’ve been to that I’ve seen people laughing, smiling, and sweating all at once during their workout. Credit for that is due to the fantastic team there and their ability to set a positive atmosphere and provide non-stop encouragement. Their passion for healthy living and self-care is infectious and addictive.
The second you walk in it sets the tone for the rest of your day and you feel like you’re on a high when you leave. My husband and I took our first Hip Hop It Off class in February of 2014, and when we left that day we knew we’d found something special. Since then with the help of Mel, Levon and all of the other fantastic Melkshake mentors, we’ve made fitness and health top priority in our lives, and we’ve never felt better.
No matter what your goal is (ex. Lose weight, gain weight, lift heavier, better yourself, just spend time on you, etc) you are 1000% welcome in this gym."

-Jessica & John Moutray​ #MMFAM

     JUZT MOVE!! Bootcampz, Challengez,  Jumping, Perzonal Training!                

  All Fitness Levelz Welcome :)

Melkshake has changed me in so many ways. Before finding this gym I was 20 pounds heavier, unmotivated, and unhappy. Mel and Levon and their team at Melkshake are the most motivational and supportive people you could have helping you through your journey, what ever that may be. My journey is far from over and I can't wait to see what comes next with this amazing team pushing me forward. Before finding my way to Melkshake I had no idea exercising could be so enjoyable and full of laughter. I couldn't be happier I finally found my fitness family!

-Samantha Agnew  #MMFAM