Meet Mel N Levon 

LEVON ( A.K.A- MuzcleMelk)-

* Certified Personal Trainer- 7 Yrs Experience

*  Certified Fitness Instructor- 6 Yrs experience 

* Certified Jumping Instructor

* Certified/Specialized Strength Trainer For Fat Loss

* Certified TRX Level 1 Instructor

* Certified in BURN phase for human body 

​* Certified in Advanced Periodization 

* Nationally Qualified Classic Physique Athlete


6th place Classic Physique D Muscle Beach  6/10/18 

2nd Classic Physique B Northern Classic  11/05/19

Health and fitness have always been a huge part of my life, for as long as I can remember. It started out at a young age, where I played almost every recreational sport offered, as I grew older health and fitness became more of a lifestyle to me than just a habit or hobby. As a personal trainer and Fitness instructor I can now share my love and knowledge with others who are on their own fitness journey or who are just starting out. Melkshake Movementz is a big family of people who support, motivate and encourage each other, even if they’ve never met or spoken with you,  you can alwayz count on someone to help you through those sticky pointz, or give you that little extra push.  Seeing this happen day in, day out, makes it so easy to say I love my job and I love what I do!

NEVER FEEL you are not ‘in shape’ enough to start! Everyone has a starting point! Let us help you reach those goalz! ….. family included!

- Levon AKA- MuscleMelk

Melanie (A.K.A Melkshake) - Owner

* Certified Personal Trainer-  with 9 yrs Experience* 

* Certified Fitness Instructor - 9 yrs experience

*  Certified Jumping Fitness Master Trainer

* Certified Level 1 kickboxing Instructor

* Hip-Hop Choreographer- Dancing background of 18yrs

* Certified TRX Level 1 Instructor

* Special Training  & Courses for the Pelvic Floor Muscles- helping ladies properly engage, retrain & tighten the pelvic floor properly*

​* Certified in the BURN Phase for the human body

* Certified in Advanced Periodization

* Certified in STRENGTH programming 

* Nationally Qualified CPA Bikini Athlete- 1st Place 2019 Northern Classic 

​* Mobility Training & Posture Assessments Training 

* Bikini Prep & Posing Coach for INBF/ WNBF/ CPA athletes 

* Online Lifestyle Coach

* First Aid Certified 

*** No matter what the Fitness Journey may be...Nobody is Perfect, No one has a Perfect life, and We ALL have to Start Somewhere. I truly believe we are all in our own battle in one way or another, but its what we do with it that matters. Pave your own Path,  Accept Change, Failure, Struggle, N Imperfection. - That is where you get $tronger!!
Fitness N Health is my life, encouraging, motivating N helping others is what I wake up for everyday !! My vision for MM has always been to create the most comfortable, fun, non-judgemental, N chill environment a person can be in .  I accommodate to All Fitness levels it doesn't matter where u are at! :) 

 The best thing someone once told me was, "You don't have to be great to start, but u have to Start to be great."  TRUTH!

~Make Yourself Proud ~ XO- Melkshake   ​