* What is Melkshake Movementz all about?  

Well, Im Mel (a.k.a Melkshake) and heres My Story. I opened MM for SO MANY reasons. For starters, I don't follow rule$ well LOL jk ;) but honestly, I LOVE being my own BO$$ & helping people using my own unique style & experience in the fitness industry :) My Goal is always to create a space and atmosphere for everyone to feel comfortable N welcome, while still having Fun N Letting It ALL OUT while working out. #YouDoYou #HaveFunWhileYouSweat #BeWeird #ItIsWhatItIs #YouGotThis

* A little about myself- Growing up I was always very active and on the go, my Mom had me in registered sports after school always :) Things like karate, gymnastics, dance, swimming, you name it :) and even though I was active I still struggled with my weight and was always self- conscious of my body...which led to depression, poor eating habits, trying all the “quick fixes”, and so much more. Then BOOM there I was, 200lbs and the unhappiest I have ever felt. I eventually got sick of the vicious cycle I was in, PUT MY FOOT DOWN, and took the next step. I slowly started out with some cardio (it was the only thing I knew how to use in the gym) We all have to start somewhere! #EveryLittleBitCounts... I quickly became so passionate about Fitness I started educating myself more N more till I became certified in so many fitness fields and could not wait to share my Passion with others. Fast Forward about 10 Years later and here I am with more Fitness Certifications than I can count on my hands, a Successful Business, Nationally Qualified Bikini Athlete, Master Jumping Fitness Instructor, and doing It all now with a Partner who shares the same passion N Journey as me. I know what it feels like to emotionally eat, to roller coaster constantly, to make ALL the excuses in the book NOT to workout or to eat/not eat that xtra cheat meal, to hate the way u feel or look in your clothes, WHATEVER IT MAY BE...I know what it feels like to not be where YOU want to be!

* Quick History About MM- MM was created in 2013 :) I started teaching dance fitness classes (Hip-Hop-It-Off) & Bootcamps out of a small school gym in GP and was grateful enough to be able to expand to my own little studio space right Downtown after just a few months. I never expected to get so busy haha (terrible thinking I know lol), but was SO EXCITED with the response, I was able to grow our team of instructors and trainers well:)! HELL YEAH!! We were then offering SO MUCH MORE like, fitness classes all day, private personal training, school Phys Ed & events, team training, kids birthday parties, Ladies Nights, performing at City Events, local charity support, Flash Mobs and Fundraisers, you name it, we did it :) #SoGrateful After about a year in that studio I was So Grateful to be able to expand to an even bigger facility to accommodate even more ppl, and was even luckier to be doing it with my other half by my side <3 ( Levon A.K.A- MuscleMelk) He left the oilfield and we opened a private two floor Gym on Main Street in downtown GP :) Upstairs was fitness classes, bootcamps, Jumping Fitness, birthday parties, school N team training, and downstairs was known as #TheDungeon- thats where the loud music, personal training, graffiti spraying, chalk, yelling, jokes, laughs, swears, whatever it was you needed to let out that day happened haha. After having the Gym open for about 7 amazing years N creating everlasting memories, lifetime friends, N laughs that will never be forgotten, we made the very hard decision to close our doors in GP & move to the Airdrie/ Calgary area. <3

I am now independently running Melkshake Movementz Inc, and Levon is a full time Heavy Machine Operator (who helps me out when he can still & partakes in Live Bootcamps with us, cuz welllllll, were a HOOT together!)

#MMFAM- Melkshake Movementz didn't get the name #MMFAM for no reason. Whether you came to our gym, do our online classes, train with us, dance with us, coach through us, or have seen us at any events, you know how close we ALL become N... how weird we are ;) Lol but Seriously, All of us are like a little family. No matter where u are in your fitness journey, everyone has everyone’s back! No Judgment, No Filters, No Giving Up! #Teamwork #WeGotchYou

** Both Levon and myself have over 8 yrs experience in the Fitness Industry- click on "Melkshake " tab for All our Certifications **

SO!, how am I doing things now u ask?..... we are still doing EVERYTHING we used to do,  And getting to focus on our Online Clients more now as well :)

What Services Do We Offer ?-

1. I offer 1 on 1 Personal Training, Partner Training or Group Training -
I CAN COME TO YOU (Airdrie area only currently) OR Private Personal Training In Calgary GYM - ( email, txt, or call for Personal training inquiries plz)

Most Popular*
* I offer online coaching to anyone seeking a Workout Program or Meal Plan. I make custom plans for a variety of different options to suit your body's goals and needs, while accommodating to any injuries or specialties you may have. ** EMAIL, CALL OR TXT FOR ANY INQUIRIES: 778-977-4414


* With an amazing accountability group of men & women from different locations across Canada, all at different parts of there fitness journey, but all with the same Goal N Dedication. #WhateverYourGoalMayBe.

I  Accommodate to ALL fitness levels, and if you have any injuries i can modify for you No Problem :) i  demo all moves N variations from beginner to advance so you can choose what works best for you.


* Live on ZOOM daily-  Mon- Fri @ 6:30pm & Sat @ 10am. 

 ( Playback Videos are available if you can't make the live time)


* All you need is your body, and a couple bands.
( if you have dumbbells and any extra equipment Awesome! We can always put them to use for you hehe )

4. Team Training- Sports Conditioning for Adults or Kids Teams -

* I have worked with many teams N athletes over the years from hockey, football, lacrosse, soccer, rugby, dance, bodybuilding etc. Proven results to improve athletes overall performance, balance, coordination, speed, flexibility, strength, power, agility, focus, overall development and Teamwork.

5. Hire Me for Your SCHOOL-

* Hip-Hop-It-Off with your classes (Fun Dance Fitness) ,  JUMPING FITNESS

 (trampoline classes), OR Fun Bootcamps !- For all Ages

Wanna learn a fun sexy routine with your friends before hittin the dance floor. Im Your Girl :) *see photos sections for fun times with other groups *

Thank You to everyone for your continued support over the years and for believing in us to be a part of your Fitness Journeys. I couldn't be doing what I Love without each one of you.
XO- Melkshake--  You Got This N I Gotch You!