"MM bootcamps,
I have had the privilege of participating in Mel and Levons Tabata classes . They never participate in the class as they believe that they are there to correct their participants and give them the best results for the effort they put in. They are very professional at the same time pushing us to our limits while making it fun. You instantly fall in love with this dynamic duo. Imagine my sadness when gyms closed down because of Covid. I was thrilled when they stated that they would continue at home bootcamps. Their knowledge allows them to change up the workouts never allowing for us to become comfortable, again always making sure they pushed us to our max. One would participate and show the moves while the other would correct and encourage us the entire workout. Not only are they amazing at what they do, they genuinely care about their clients, which is a rare find with most trainers.  I have texted Mel on several occasions asking for help with sore muscles and asking why I have pain with certain exercises. Her responses are quick and always positive. These are the most positive people on the planet. I love making these classes part of my morning routine, it is a great start to the day, plus they always make us laugh"

- Stephanie Arcus


Before kids I was a gym rat, and for the most part was in pretty good shape.  That being said, I still rode the dreaded roller coaster where my weight moved up and down, but it was always fairly reasonable.  After my second child was born, I got really heavy.  My hip was messed up from 2 pregnancies and always hurt, so I stopped working out.  I had all kinds of excuses:  too tired, too busy, too sore, can’t leave the kids that long, can’t make my husband cover for me to work out.  It all added up!

Right before I met Mel, I was heavier than the day I gave birth to baby number 2, and I was becoming depressed.  I had been trying to get back into the gym – doing the mundane, boring, and ineffective cardio machines:  bike, elliptical, treadmill.  I HATED them all, but didn’t know what else to do. 

One day, I spotted a dance class happening in the fitness room.  The music was bumping, and so I watched.  I watched the class for a few minutes every time I noticed it, and I was intrigued.  The instructor was energetic and encouraging, I loved the moves she used in her choreo, and her music choices.  It was very different from any other aerobics class I used to take (and I’d done many!)  One day I decided that it looked like way more fun than the machines I was doing, and built up my courage to try it.  I was hooked! 

That was six years ago and I haven’t looked back.  Mel, and when he joined her as the gym’s personal trainer, Levon, have motivated and moved me to completely change my body.  Not only that, they have motivated me to become a leader in the GP fitness world, by becoming a fitness and Jump instructor for the studio.  With their support, I have achieved more than I ever thought possible, in a gym that feels like family, all because Mel and Levon continually push the people around them to do better, to see where you can take yourself.

Come join us! See where it takes YOU!


Northern Classic May 2019

I will be competing sometime this year! My goal in 2019 was to wear a bikini, something I’ve never been comfortable doing.. well I’ve taken that 500 steps higher and going way out of my comfort zone! 🙈

My trainers/coaches  Melanie and Levon have already taught me more then I could ever imagine! I wouldn’t be doing this without them and their support. There are no other trainers that would put up with me and my shenanigans the way they do haha. I still have a ways to go including learning how to walk in 5 inch heels but I’m looking forward to seeing my end results with committing myself to the process. 💪🏼 Thank you Melanie and Levon for always going above n beyond! ❤️

- RED 💪🏼      #MMFAM

"Come for the sweat, stay for the family. Melkshake Movementz is the only gym I’ve been to that I’ve seen people laughing, smiling, and sweating all at once during their workout. Credit for that is due to the fantastic team there and their ability to set a positive atmosphere and provide non-stop encouragement. Their passion for healthy living and self-care is infectious and addictive.

Where do I even begin? I started at Melkshake Movements over 3 years ago joining classes, boot camps, and jumping. Every place I’ve worked out I have always felt out of place or pushed to the back, but at Melkshake I never felt that way. I felt like family, not only by the staff but by all the friendly faces that walked through that door. Hearing every conversation about food and the impact it really does make I never believed and assumed since I was going to the gym I would eventually get where I wanted to be even with my “somewhat” healthy eating. I under ate and overworked, having no results so decided I had enough of my own fitness opinion I went for it and signed up to do coaching with Melanie and Levon and it has been the best decision and well worth every penny.  

The start seems like hard work and I won’t lie it can be an adjustment to not only eating but planning meals, making time for the gym, and understanding your body but in the end seeing the results can be astonishing. Everyone assumes that when you say coaching it means you plan to get “ripped” or “bulk” and wanting to compete but honestly it can also mean that you want to better yourself and your family. You want to understand what fuels your body in the healthy way and I get to grow up teaching my kids better eating habits, dedication, and commitment showing them that hard work pays off. I may have some extra skin in places at this time that I am ashamed of and not at my goal YET but it also is the outcome of an amazing lifestyle change that I plan to continue to see where this fitness journey takes me.

Melanie and Levon are the most understanding of coaches. Late night questions when your meal prepping after the kids asleep? No problem. Modifications? No problem. Having a meltdown about eating that cookie? Might be problem (don’t eat the damn cookie haha). They are great motivating fitness coaches and amazing individuals aside from the fitness world. 

I’ll be getting married this year and I’m going to walk down the aisle feeling happy and confident in myself, all because two people made me believe that I am capable of sticking to it and trusting the process. 

Thank you Mel and Levon! <3

 Mama J #MMFAM      


I want to share this with my children (especially my daughter). I want to be able to play with my kids and one day my grandkids, and I feel I may not have been able to accomplish this if I had not made that first step 3 years ago.​

-T   ( Teresa Davenport)    #MMFAM

" What I love the best about you is that you are always positive and you are a stickler for form. That makes me trust you, that you make sure that we are doing the exercises properly. The intensity and the variety of the workouts keeps me engaged. Thank you!"

- Liz Kusler 

​changing and not in a good way (however working out and eating healthy were not options at this point in my life).  I first stepped in the door at Melkshake 3 years ago not expecting too much, but whoa was I in for the change of my life.

Mel started at what I now see at the “extreme basics” (she was sooooooo patient with me lol) and I started to see and feel a difference within a couple months.  I remember the first time I put on a bikini (without a shirt over it), I had to send a pic to Mel, that day was a turning point for me mentally.  Every day is still a challenge but I try my hardest to get up every morning and get my workout done, try to eat my best and mentally not give up.   Over the last 3 years I have noticed slow changes in my body but most of all I am noticing a change in my mental states.

Melkshake is not a place just to get fit, it is a place to grow.  I am not as hard on myself if I fail (I just try harder), and it’s ok not to look like the younger crowd that comes in (I’m a 42-year-old woman). I just strive to do better than “I” did yesterday.  I have met some amazing people at my favorite place and we challenge each other and reassure each other that we are amazing. I still have a lot of room to grow and bloom and I am realizing that that is the best part of life, not only to look good on the outside but the inside is just as important.

I have been on my wellness journey for about 4 years now, originally losing 30lbs for my wedding, then after having a baby I was on the struggle bus for about 2.5 years. I found Mel over social media and asked her about a structured plan mostly focused on nutrition as my weight was floating around and not moving anywhere and I knew I needed to change something as I'm/ was a spin aholic. Mel set me up with a great nutrition plan the required me little thinking as I just didn't have the mental capacity at the time to make decisions on what to eat, Mel has been supportive when I have questions or need a what to eat at restaurants when I'm on holidays. Over the last 10 weeks being with Mel and having a cheat meal or Day sometimes I have managed to lose about 11lbs mostly nutrition based. I look forward to continuing with Mel and seeing where I can go from here. Mel is always throughing postive vibes at you to achieve your goals, even if it's the smallest achievements in your fitness/ nutrition journey she got some positive vibes to through at you and keep you moving.

- Alyscia Dorr

This is me 2015.  I look happy and relatively healthy on the outside.

​On the inside is a person that is unconfident and not healthy at all I am a mother of 3 first, a wife second and I always put myself last (including my health).   Whenever i would go out I made sure I was covered, did not want to show any skin(blah).   Even though my husband gave me compliments I did not believe them.  I was reaching middle age and body parts were 

"I have found online bootcamps to be a lifesaver for me.  I have a baby and going to the gym before COVID hit was doable but it was hard and took an hour just to pack him and and get there.  I find now its easy to just zip downstairs and crush a workout and get on with my day.  Going forward when I return to work doing the online bootcamps will save me valuable time that I can have with my son-- and not worry about sending him to a gym daycare that isn’t available.  On top of that the individual feedback feels like I have a personal trainer everyday when I am live.  I push harder than if I was working out by myself.  Both Levon and Mel are helping me to reach my goals of losing all the pregnancy weight."

- Gina Willier ( Otte) 

For years I have wanted a tummy tuck, yes that’s right, a tummy tuck. After 3 kids and all by c section I thought for sure I’d never be able to someday wear a bikini comfortably without having surgery to fix my flaws. By cutting down on my sugar, following my meal plan (that includes carbs),  listening to my trainers and training hard has taught me that surgery is not the answer... just hard work, consistency and dedication!

During the pandemic my childhood friend (who has always been into fitness) 🏃🏽‍♀️ 🏋️‍♀️ reached out to me to “join” #MMQuarentimecamp.  Me, 🤔 knowing I should for my mental and physical state, said yes. I was apprehensive. I felt old. I’m over weight. I haven’t seen a gym in 10+years. I play sports...well use to...In high school 20+years ago! 😳 What the hell would I join this group for?! 🤦🏼‍♀️ I promised my friend. So I half heartily texted the trainer. Gave my info. Something along the line of: 
I’m fat. I’m lazy. I’m old. But if you are willing to help me I’ll do this...I guess. 💁‍♀️🙄
Then I waited for the at home zoom meeting. 
I was pleasantly surprised by the welcoming and encouraging faces. We all had different stamina, strengths, equipment and fitness levels. Melshake & Levon didn’t skip a beat. They challenged and changed the programs for me as an individual by offering modifications. Also, challenging me to take it to the next level when I was afraid of failing. They kept me motivated when I wanted to stop. Corrected my form to utilize the proper mind to muscle connections. 
I ❤️ this group. 
1. It’s convenient. I live on a farm in Saskatchewan. It is just my phone and me in my living room.  I do not have to leave my home, but feel like I’m “getting out”. 
2. It’s informative. I don’t know anything about working out. With this group I never feel left behind. Everyone is always sharing new/old information. I am at ease asking ANY questions. 
3. It’s a good laugh. There is no filtering when it comes to conversations. It’s fun to listen and be a part of! Anything goes! No judgements!!!
4. I ❤️❤️❤️the live class. But if I have to miss it they send a link to a playback so I can workout on my own at whatever time works best for me! 
5. I’m officially addicted. When I started my personal goal was to gain strength and stamina. I have surpassed my original goals and am setting new ones. 

Try it out! (even if it’s half heartily)...you might surprise yourself!! 👉🏻😎🏋️‍♀️💪🏼

​- Laura Ingram 

It’s amazing what a meal plan and the right trainer/coaches can do for you. I’ve been going to Melkshake Movementz for over 2 years now and I have seen some changes in those years but not as dramatic as I have seen in the last few months. What has changed? My eating! I’m actually following my meal plan that was designed for me, I’m listening to what my coaches are telling me and I’m sticking to it 110%   No it’s not ok to have an extra cheat here and there if I want the goals I’m after and it’s taken me this long to realize that!

Melkshake has changed me in so many ways. Before finding this gym I was 20 pounds heavier, unmotivated, and unhappy. Mel and Levon and their team at Melkshake are the most motivational and supportive people you could have helping you through your journey, what ever that may be. My journey is far from over and I can't wait to see what comes next with this amazing team pushing me forward. Before finding my way to Melkshake I had no idea exercising could be so enjoyable and full of laughter. I couldn't be happier I finally found my fitness family!

-Samantha Agnew  #MMFAM

"It takes determination, perseverance, a whole lot of sweat, and a few tears to set goals and reach them. And once in awhile, you get to a point that you can look back and actually be proud of your progress. This is one of those moments. Through hours of training, properly fueling my body, and being determined, I'm finally proud of my progress. I'll never stop wanting to improve, but I'm loving where this journey is taking me. I would have never gotten anywhere near this without my awesome trainers Melanie Olearczyk, Levon, and all the staff at Melkshake Movementz. Constantly making me push my limits, and believing in me no matter what! #MMFAM #NOEXCUSEZ"

-Laurie Griffiths #MMFAM

The second you walk in it sets the tone for the rest of your day and you feel like you’re on a high when you leave. My husband and I took our first Hip Hop It Off class in February of 2014, and when we left that day we knew we’d found something special. Since then with the help of Mel, Levon and all of the other fantastic Melkshake mentors, we’ve made fitness and health top priority in our lives, and we’ve never felt better.
No matter what your goal is (ex. Lose weight, gain weight, lift heavier, better yourself, just spend time on you, etc) you are 1000% welcome in this gym."

-Jessica & John Moutray#MMFAM