Trampoline stringingIs of a hexagonal shape - polythene MESH, strengthened by a galloon sewn from both sides. The stringing material provides advanced skid-proof and anti-static finishing and therefore eliminates possible safety and health hazards.

Rubber ropes: Non-traditional system of rubber ropes springing guarantees dynamic springing without unnecessary sound expressions, with the advantage of removing subsidiary expenses for damaged springs known with the older types of trampolines.

Handlebars: They are manufactured from the same material as the trampoline frame. Even this vitally important and stressed part of the trampoline has been fundamentally changed. Thanks to the properties of the materials, with the Jumping PROFI trampoline the handlebars are the single-axis type and the handlebars locking is mastered only by one arresting lock. The shape and design is maximally adapted to the Jumping® exercising aspects.

Specified usage method: The Jumping® trampoline is determined to be used only for the Jumping® group fitness exercising led by an instructor trained in the Jumping® program. Other methods of usage are not recommended. Only targeted usage guarantees safety and long life-time of the Jumping® PROFI trampoline.

Maximum load/load bearing capacity of the Jumping® PROFI trampoline: 100 kilograms, overloading leads to excessive ballasting of the pliable parts of the stringing. When overloading, the life-time and the pliable aspects of the trampoline may be decreased.

Number of users simultaneously using the trampoline: The trampoline may be used by a maximum of one person at a time. The trained Jumping® instructor who is authorized to lead the Jumping® exercising lessons is always responsible for the safe operation on the trampoline.

Transportation, installation, handling and setting up: The transportation, operating personnel training and installation to the desired place of setting is always provided by the supplier. Handling may be performed only by trained professional personnel.

Checking and maintenance: Regular checking of the pliable parts state and possible clearances in the handlebars hanging is necessary for perfect trampoline functioning. Before every exercising we check visually all parts of the trampoline. After every exercising it is appropriate to cure the surface of the trampoline with a disinfectant and, with help of a paper handkerchief, to remove the residual sweat from the exposed surface. Every month we check the rubber ropes status (wearing, correct stretching, eventually we check if the eyelets in the trampoline stringing are not torn out).

Putting the appliance out of order: In case failure to the trampoline occurs, such trampoline must be put out of order, distinctively marked by a tape, or further usage must be made impossible until the repair work is done.

Residual risks and prohibited methods of usage: Before the exercising the handlebars must always be installed. The Jumping® PROFI trampoline is not mentioned to be used by children under 14 years of age.

Appliance disposal: In accordance with the laws in effect it gets dismounted and divided into particular parts (steel, rubber, polythene) and those get disposed of.

Warranty conditions: The supplier provides a 24-month warranty valid since the takeover. The warranty does not apply to the common wearing and tearing (rubber ropes and stringing of the trampoline)

Supply contents: Hexagonal construction of the trampoline including the legs, handlebars, and installation and usage instructions.

Service and repairs: Always guaranteed by the producer.

When the above mentioned conditions are met, the product is safe.

Labelling: J6H130 - Jumping® PROFI

Commercial name: Jumping® PROFI trampoline

Technical data and description: The basic load-bearing structure of the Jumping® PROFI trampolines consists of a unique hexagonal tubular steel skeleton, elastic rubber ropes anchoring the fixed stringing, six bearing legs and single-axis supporting handlebars. Diagonally the trampoline measures 130 centimeters and thanks to the new system of springing the overall weight is only 13 kilograms.

Tubular frame: It’s the basic bearing and most important part of the trampoline, it absorbs considerable energy and directly affects the quality of springing movements during the exercising. By a proprietary function-shape, non-compromising demands for the steel quality and strict manufacturing procedure regulations, a unique bearing apparatus has been developed.

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Installation, usage, checking and maintenance instructions:

Jumping® PROFI Trampoline

The key premise for the Jumping® fitness exercising is a quality and safe trampoline. During its 13-year long history, the company JSTB International, s. r. o. has tried many types of trampolines which have often been updated for particular needs of the Jumping® exercising. The improvement of the Jumping® program has been accompanied by higher demands for the trampoline itself. Therefore, by careful development, testing and the process of improvement, we have created our own trampoline the quality and design of has overcome other products of the same category. The construction shape has been carefully chosen to provide a complex compromise among compactness, size, design and the options of specific movement range during the Jumping® exercising performance. To meet the dynamic development demands of our customers, we are just beginning the mass production of our own professional trampoline Jumping® PROFI.